HHSC Phase 1 Visitation for NF and AL

THCA received the emergency rules and affidavit for visitation in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. The emergency rules will be filed today for visitation phase 1. A provider letter will follow. Visitation cannot occur until the following:

  • Affidavits must be approved prior to any visitation occurring.

  • At this time, phase 1 visitation only applies to a COVID Free facility and a facility will need to submit proof of this as part of the affidavit process.

  • The affidavit will need to be submitted to the facility’s local regional office and the regional office will have up to three days to review and approve (which may include the need to validate) and return the approved affidavit to the facility.

Note: The moment the facilities status changes they are no longer eligible for visitation.


ALF Emergency Rule Visitation V2.1.0.pdf

NF Emergency Rules Visitation V2.1.0.pdf

LTCR FORM 2192 Phase 1 COVID-19 Attestation Form V2.0.pdf