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HHSC Update: LTC Providers Required to Report Only Confirmed COVID-19 Cases to HHSC

Providers report only confirmed cases of COVID-19 in staff and individuals receiving services from the provider as a self-reported incident. This is effective immediately. Providers, other than HCS and TxHmL providers, must notify HHSC through TULIP or by calling Complaint and Incident Intake at 800-458-9858. HCS and TxHmL providers must email HHSC.

HHSC previously required reporting of both presumptive and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Providers are also required to report communicable diseases to the health authority with jurisdiction over their facility. This is in accordance with the Communicable Disease and Prevention Act, Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 81. It's also specified in Title 25 of the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 97.

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