THCA Update: Potential Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers

Linked below is PPE supplier information we have received. The information below and the representatives identified are not endorsed by THCA. Providers should contact these individuals to evaluate and determine whether to purchase PPE from these suppliers.

Travis Stein, The Odee Company


Has pivoted to producing gowns, and supplying to Senior Living, Hospice and smaller hospitals to help with the crisis.

Mordy Goode, The Sterling Parker Group


Sanitizer, 3-ply masks, gloves, KN95 masks, gowns, and face shields.

Dustin O'Neal, Bulldog Chemicals LLC/Dry Earth One


Hospital grade disinfectant (vital Oxide) and the FDA approved Ethanol based Gel hand Sanitizer information. Vital Oxide (chlorine dioxide) is on the EPA approved disinfectant list for COVID-19.

Cody Johnson, National Sign


Has repurposed his company to make plastic face shields, and they are trying to focus on helping nursing homes who they know are struggling for PPE. They are filling orders large and small.

Ragan Puddy


Sanitizer, masks, iso gowns, etc. Minimum volume requirement for orders.

Adam Schierloh, PharmScript, LLC

(817) 915-5322

Iso masks, KN95 masks, face shields.

Note: This post was revised on 5/12/20 to include new potential suppliers.