THCA Update: Governor’s Report to Open Texas

This afternoon, Governor Abbott released “The Governor’s Report to Open Texas”. The report discusses the phased in steps for opening Texas business beginning May 1st, in addition the State’s focus on additional efforts such as increasing testing, contact tracing and recommendations for a “Long Term Care: HHSC/DSHS Comprehensive Mitigation Plan”.

The mitigation plan includes 8 recommendations which we are meeting with HHSC, DSHS and others to receive clarification on logistics, expectations and how these will comport with existing local orders. The recommendations include:

  • Recommendation 1: Quantify the extent of the infection immediately

  • Recommendation 2: Implement a comprehensive mitigation plan

  • Recommendation 3: Re-evaluate current COVID-19 positive facilities

  • Recommendation 4: Appropriate isolation and placement of COVID-19 patients

  • Recommendation 5: Implement enhanced access controls to the facility

  • Recommendation 6: Enhance control of staff access to the facility

  • Recommendation 7: Effective notifications

  • Recommendation 8: Continue prevention efforts in facilities that do not have an infection