THCA Update: Temporary Funding Emergency Rule and Information Letter

Updated: Jun 25

We learned this evening that the emergency rule was filed with the Secretary of State on Friday last week and should be published in the Register soon (link to the preamble and rule text).

Today, the agency published the information letter that describes the rate increases and contains a link to the attestation form required by all providers to complete. Of note, the information letter indicates the add-on rates will be effective retroactive to April 1, 2020 and “are assumed to conclude on August 31, 2020 or the end of the disaster declaration”. In addition to the funds to be used for direct care staff salary and wages, the funds are also for use “for COVID-related expenses; including direct care staff salary and wages, personal protective equipment (PPE), and dietary needs/supplies.”

In communication with HHSC, providers must complete the attestation no later than September 30, 2020, but are encouraged to complete the attestation as soon as possible so as to not inadvertently overlook and fail to submit.